Just two hanks of burnin’ love.

My latest spinning project is done!

Well, if you don’t count the top I started spinning immediately afterward, or the tiny bit of blue silk and merino chilling on a Lendrum bobbin, or the brown-and-white BFL still hanging out on the Matchless. Or the rolags I’m collecting and dreaming of spinning. Or this idea I have about core-spinning…

Let’s just say I finished one of my many spinning projects.

This is exactly eight ounces of two-ply colonial (the darker, solid orange) and merino/tencel (the shiny, color-shifty yellow-orange-red). I had never plied two different fibers together, so this was a lovely experiment, if nothing else.

I am not sure how I feel about it yet. The hand is interesting. It’s slick, but not particularly soft. It feels distinctly cool, which is an odd attribute for wool; I image its the tencel. The shininess makes up for a whole lot of tactile weirdness. It is pretty, as its varying depth of shade is striking. It’s hard to tell in the skein, but it will be subtly striping.

It doesn’t know what it wants to be yet—or at least it hasn’t told me. There’s half a pound of this fingering weight yarn, so it could make a decent-sized shawl. Maybe something lacy.

For now, it can go live in the stash with all the other skeins of orange yarn. There’s a lot of orange yarn. It will find warmth and fellowship, for sure.

Meanwhile, here’s a photo retrospective of this yarn’s path to existence.

Shoutout to Kimber Baldwin and Fiber Optic for some delicious spinning fiber!

The Smoky Mountain Spinnery is a required stop every time we’re in Gatlinburg!

This week, I popped into a local trader’s mall / fleamarket / whatever you wanna call it and found a few pieces of colorful antique glassware that I just couldn’t live without. I thought they might look nice in photos alongside some fibery goodness, and these skeins of yarn got the honor of each dish’s maiden voyage.

Yes, I love the way that penultimate one has exactly the perfect dimensions for cradling a skein of yarn.


3 thoughts on “Just two hanks of burnin’ love.

    • I think it’s fascinating, too! 😃 I couldn’t quite capture it in the photos, but the brighter, shinier merino/tencel against the darker, duller colonial has an almost glowing effect. Anyway, thank you! 💛

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  1. Very pretty…I don’t know why I keep thinking of Cinnabar Island from Pokémon…maybe because the colorway reminds me of fire and lava and volcanoes. (Well, in one of the pictures, the label does say “Hunk O’ Burnin’ Love”.). I’m a fire sign (Aries), so the colors definitely stick out for me.

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