Behold, my little book of magic.

I’m lost in the black hole of organization.

Here’s the latest accomplishment: untangling the rat’s nest of circular needle cables in my life.

This 2″ Avery mini binder & some page protectors did the trick.

My super-precise interchangeable cable length system: really short, short, long, & really long.

Also, I have a veritable bevy of US size 8 fixed circulars—and a mysterious lack of size 6s. As in zero.

Anyway, I’m not a very organized person usually, but lately, everything has been simultaneously wadded up & strewn everywhere.

I feel like I’ve got to get a handle on this sitch in order to be productive. Like, my right eye is twitching.

No, literally, it’s twitching right now.


4 thoughts on “Behold, my little book of magic.

  1. I saw a post on Tumblr last week that showed how to make a circular needle organizer out of a binder, Ziploc bags, and duct tape. I’ve been on the lookout for a circular needle organizer idea (so I don’t have to keep finagling with them in my notions pouch), and I’ll take your idea into consideration.

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    • I like the idea of a pouch that is zippered or resealable in some way! I’m not super happy with the little binder clips I have on there, but all I could imagine was dumping the binder upside down by accident and ALL the needles and cables sliding out. I hadn’t thought of that before I ordered the mini binder and page protectors from Amazon. Whoopsie daisy. I did see something about using an old zippered CD case, but I don’t have one handy and they’re not exactly cheap to buy new. Good luck getting your stuff sorted. I’d love to see the system you come up with!

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      • The one I saw on Tumblr, she used the duct tape to reinforce the bottoms of the bags when she’d punch the holes in them. I think they were quart-size Ziploc slide bags, and I guess you could further organize by cable length as well as size (I have a bunch of US #8 needles, most of them 29 inch needles, but I do have one 16 inch circular; most of my circulars, though, are of the 29 inch variety, because that’s about all they have at the local Walmart).


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