Wool, wine, & washi tape.

Tomorrow was to be the first day back to school after the winter break, but instead we’re having a non-instructional school day (i.e. a “snow day” that we don’t have to make up) because it is dangerously cold outside.

I still have to report to my classroom, but I am thankful for the workday to prepare for my returning students, something I admittedly have not yet done. I guess I was going to wing it tomorrow… Instead, I get a soft start to the year professionally.

Personally, my year began with wool, wine, and washi tape.

IMG_3557I crocheted this hat as a Christmas present for my dear friend Kim. The yarn is Tosh DK in the colorway Tart, and the design is sort of a copy-cat pattern I inferred and modified from the awesome fur-pom slouch hat I bought from Heather at Skittish Coyote.IMG_3538The magnetic bookmarks are also for Kim. They are one of the first real Pinterest-inspired DIY projects I’ve made. Look, I made a floral set!fullsizeoutput_186aOf course, I made myself some, too!IMG_3543fullsizeoutput_191f.jpeg(Featuring Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None and my bullet journal!)

I think I have fallen madly in love with washi tape.fullsizeoutput_186c(There might be more coming in the mail.)fullsizeoutput_186d(There is.)

As for the wine, I decided to try Barefoot wine for the first time as my New Year’s “toast.”

I tried the little mini bottles of Sweet Red Blend and Red Moscato. They’re both okay. I’m no wine connoisseur, so I don’t have much commentary there, other than this: The Sweet Red tasted better (read: sweeter) than it smelled, and the moscato threw me for a loop on the first sip before finally growing on me. I’ll probably stick with my Oliver Soft Red, though.



One thought on “Wool, wine, & washi tape.

  1. This is lucky Kim. I love the hat, Cassidy! It fits perfectly and is so very soft. Two of your washi tape bookmarks have already found books in which to nestle. Thank you for sharing your creativity with me!! I am lucky, happy, amazed, and humbled to call you friend. Hugs!

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