Summer of intention.

I’m trying something new: a handwritten blog post!

If you made it through those 13 pages of my handwriting, thank you for your patience.

I found a couple of, um, typos (?) on page 9 that I can’t, for obvious reasons, go back and fix easily. I meant to say this:

And what I discovered is that if I gave myself the challenge to do four things—and permission to do only four things—I almost always did more.


Behold, my little book of magic.

I’m lost in the black hole of organization.

Here’s the latest accomplishment: untangling the rat’s nest of circular needle cables in my life.

This 2″ Avery mini binder & some page protectors did the trick.

My super-precise interchangeable cable length system: really short, short, long, & really long.

Also, I have a veritable bevy of US size 8 fixed circulars—and a mysterious lack of size 6s. As in zero.

Anyway, I’m not a very organized person usually, but lately, everything has been simultaneously wadded up & strewn everywhere.

I feel like I’ve got to get a handle on this sitch in order to be productive. Like, my right eye is twitching.

No, literally, it’s twitching right now.

An archaeological dig.

Today, I (mostly) tackled my office at home. It turned out that ninety percent of that process was winding leftover yarn into balls.

Why do I have so much Peaches and Creme?! I mean, I really should be asking myself why I have so much yarn, but come on now.

The disaster that has been my uninhabitable office for the last year was a result of a few events. One, the shelving unit in the closet broke. Boy, was that a fun discovery when I opened the closet door that day. And shortly after, we had to emergency-replace the flooring in the living room, and this room (yes, I’m typing here now!) became the holding dock for things that needed moving around. Of course, some things never moved back out. And then over the course of the year, things just got tossed in here, and the next thing i knew…

Yeah. I’m embarrassed.

So this has been an all-day affair. Periodically, during the torture that was excavating this crap, I found some fun things. I knew I had the following things (except one), but several time, I shouted to Dale in the other room, “Oh, here’s this!”


My first-ever handspun yarn! It’s the natural-colored situation on the left. And also my first-ever attempt at knitting my handspun, which is that red-orangey situation on the right. I somewhat regret to inform you that I frogged that thing that I think was supposed to be a scarf. The knitting was fine, but that yarn, though? Talk about coarse and scratchy. Ain’t no way anyone would ever wear that.

Also, my first-ever hand-dyed fiber, which I even spun! I dyed this with black Wilton’s cake icing coloring. The color “breaks” and you get these cool blues and purples.

The tag for Frog Prince! It’s merino!

This pretty three-quarters spun yarn from Fiber Optic! I don’t know why I just stopped spinning this. I have a feeling it has to do with a combination of my ADHD with the finicky slipperiness of the fiber. But I plan to finish this spinning project soon, if for no other reason than to free up those bobbins!

Speaking of bobbins…

I have a jumbo bobbin and a bulky flyer for the Matchless! I feel like an idiot, but I swear, I didn’t even know I had this. Now that I think about it, I can remember saying when I bought the wheel, “Well, I might as well go ahead and get the ply-head while I’m at it.” Smart move, Cassidy-of-the-past! This solves so many of the problems I was forseeing with plying the brow-and-white BFL. Now if I can just successfully install this equipment… I don’t know what it is, but something about that wheel just makes me nervous. We’re warming up to each other, though!

And there’s this. This is 9.5 pounds of merino top. It’s been waiting three years to be dyed. Another story for another day. Also for another day coming soon? Actually dyeing this fiber!

One last “treasure” before I show you how the Great Office Reorganization of 2017 turned out…

This isn’t fiber related (except in one tiny way), but I want to share.

So over five years ago, I taught an AP Spanish class. It was definitely one of the best experiences I’ve ever had as a teacher. One of the first assignments I did with the small class of eight extraordinary students was this profile poem. We stood in front of my old-school overhead projector and traced each other’s profiles, and then we filled in the blanks of a poem template to make it about ourselves. Here’s a translation of what mine says:


Understanding, indecisive, short, and clumsy

Pat’s daughter

Who loves

the color green, the smell of books, and words

Who feels

frustrated by slow traffic and happy because of simple things

Who needs

chocolate, confidence in herself, and her mama

Who offers

two knit socks and funny stories 

Who fears

bad decisions and unexpected snakes

Who would like to have

a big garden, children, and gray hair

Who would like to see

the Greek isles and more of her best friend

Who lives

in western Kentucky


It’s no work of literature, but reading it today reminded me of myself in a way that felt significant.

Okay, so Sterilite can thank me for buying their stock of containers because it took eight of them (in three different sizes) to rein in my yarn stash. (I know, right?)

The green lids are the new ones. On the left…

From top to bottom: A crate of yarn cones that you can’t see, handspun, 100% wool, cotton. wool-and-acrylic blends, and acrylic.

On the right…

From top to bottom: Sock yarn, finished objects, spinning fiber, and bags. That last one isn’t really fiber stash, obviously, but something had to be done to get those bags under control. Reusable shopping bags, tote bags, purses—oh, my!

There is still work to be done, but at least work can be done in this room now.

Yes, there are lots of books and notebooks to be sorted through and organized blah blah blah, but there is a floor in here now. There are bags of trash to be hauled off—and a stack of items to donate.

I feel lighter, like a bit of myself has been unearthed.